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E-Dolphin S200 - Available Summer 2024

The S200 is the most comfortable 2 seats Electric Jetski in the world . The S200 is delivered with a serial 2 hours Onboard Charger. Pre-orders of the S200 are already opened and it can be ordered for 3390€.


  • Battery : 18 kWh
  • Top speed : 60 km/h
  • Engine : 100 hp
  • Autonomy : Up to 1 hour
  • Seat: 2
  • Different colors available

Download the documentation : S200 Documentation

Download the datasheet : S200 Datasheet


You can book your S200 now and be delivered from 2024 summer.

How to book your E-Dolphin S200

You can make a pre-order with a 20% payment of the full price. Once we receive your wire transfer, you will be informed of all the steps of the delivery for 2024.

Price : 33 990€*

Booking : 6798€ (20% without refund)

After 90 days : 30%

50% at delivery

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

*VAT Excluded

Product information


E-Dolphin is one of the main actor of electric personal watercraft. With a full electric power, you can ride on the water with high performances and in harmony with the nature.





Here answers to the most common questions

Where can I buy an E-Dolphin ?

You can buy our product on this website but also with our reseller network.

How the book your E-Dolphin ?

To book your E-Dolphin, you have to pay 25% of the full-price to make the reservation.

How can I pay ?

For now, wire transfer is permitted. If you want to pay with another solution, please call us.

When I will be delivered ?

The schedule of the delivery is for early 2024. All the different steps will be sent to you by Email for a perfect tracking of your order.

When to pay the full price ?

Depending of the date of the delivery of your E-Dolphin, our team will contact you in order to pay the full price.

Who can I contact for question ?

If you have any question on the E-Dolphin or your order, don't hesitate to use our contact form. We will answer you within 2 business-day.